The Importance of Doing Equipment Maintenance and Inspection Checklists Digitally Rather than Paper

When your team is in the field performing their regular equipment maintenance and inspection duties, the last thing they need to worry about are paper checklists. While these checklists are absolutely essential for ensuring that the work is done, keeping them tied to paper results in a lot of inefficiencies and can be a filing nightmare.

At Field Matrix, we understand that digitizing the checklist can be a fast, convenient, and easy way to improve efficiency while making things easier for teams on the field. That is why we developed our electronic job cards: customizable pdfs that make checklists paperless and improve processes along the way.

Here are two major advantages that come with going paperless for your checklists, and how our system can help your company keep better track of equipment maintenance and inspections with less effort.

Efficient Filing & Tracking

The major advantage that comes with going paperless for your checklists is the filing and tracking. No longer will your team have to manually input the results of paper checklists into a system, or house them in filing cabinets. Instead, it can all be housed safely and securely online, taking up less space while staying more organized.

If you currently use paper checklists, your team can benefit from going paperless with Field Matrix’s customizable checklists. These forms completely digitize the experience, helping your team get through their checklists faster without having to worry about filing and tracking the reports. It’s the perfect solution to the outdated paper checklist.

Cut Down on Touch Points

While the traditional paper checklists may have made sense before, today they are increasingly a liability. Paper checklists have to be delivered to the right person and place. What’s more, that process likely involves multiple people picking up and delivering these things as well. If your checklists have to be done on site, then there’s a chance that they can get lost travelling between sites.

When you switch to paperless equipment maintenance checklists, you get rid of the entire chain that can lead to checklists getting lost in the shuffle. Instead, the checklists can be automatically uploaded to a central system for review and processing, making it easier for everyone involved.

Going paperless also comes with the added benefit of less people coming in direct contact. In an age of working from home and safe distancing, paperless checklists can help your staff stay safer and do better work overall.

The Future of Paperless Checklists

Our paperless checklist system is used by people all over America looking for a fast and convenient way to digitize their equipment maintenance and other reports. Your field team members already have a smartphone and data, so why not use that technology to make their reporting and checklists easier? Our checklists can include every vital piece of information you need, and they can help you better track and file the results. Be sure to visit our site to learn more about what our customizable paperless checklists can do for you and your team. Contact us for more information.

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