electronic job cards

Electronic Job Card Software and the Benefits

Keeping track

It’s not uncommon for job sites to have a diversity of workers on the go.

From plumbers to electricians to engineers, there is no shortage of skilled labor on a site at one time. Keeping track of contractors and work completed is key to maintaining an efficient site.

For builders, having insight into what work is being completed by who and for how much is crucial, and job cards are the go-to system for staying in the know. While traditionally done through collecting paperwork, new technology is developing, and many sites are going digital with electronic job cards.

What is a Job Card Anyway?

When contractors are brought in, it can be difficult to keep track of who is on site and what work is being completed. Keeping tabs on a work site and work progress is typically done through the use of job cards. Job cards are detailed descriptions that are included in a work order.

A number of industries rely on job cards to keep track of performed work and to document which tasks were carried out by whom. This tracking system is commonly done with paper with workers filling out the job card and returning it once the job is complete. Electronic job cards make the process all the more comprehensive and efficient.

electronic job cardsPerks of Going Digital

Any site is going to host various contractors and industry specialists. Keeping track of each sector’s timelines, as well as everything completed on site, can result in a thick stack of paperwork.

Electronic job cards let your company scrap the paper and utilize the most up-to-date technology to keep track of work orders. No one enjoys being bogged down by administrative work, especially not when they have other work to attend to. With electronic job cards, you can transfer information with ease and receive instant updates.

The digital software is ideal for companies that are looking to improve efficiency, and not only does it help managers out, but it also makes life on site easier for technicians. It’s an effective system for tracking invoices and ensuring everyone is receiving their payments on time.

Improving Worksite Efficiency with Electronic Job Cards

Making the move to digital will save you time and will cut down on paper use and costs. Electronic job cards are efficient and make organization a lot easier. FieldMetrix has been designed to make the transition to a paperless working environment a breeze.

Keeping track of technicians and work schedules has never been easier!

Whether a field manager or technician, our electronic job cards simplify work orders by cutting down on time spent performing administrative tasks. With our digital software, you can monitor work progress, track technician location, receive real time updates, and have an accessible audit log for accountability. Our software has been created with technicians in mind, and it gives you instant access to permits, maintenance job cards, inspection forms, and asset identification. Staying organized is made simple with FieldMetrix. It’s time to retire the old pen and paper and make the transition to digital. Contact FieldMetrix for more information.

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