Proof of delivery software applications

Benefits of Proof of Delivery Software

Ensuring that your products and services get delivered and have proof of delivery is important. Whether you are shipping an item, or working in the field as a service, you will want some way to have a clear record of delivery for yourself and for your customer records. Using old paper records can be a method, but one that is is outdated, slow, and errors cannot be resolved quickly. However, there are more modern solutions that are quick, and easy to use, such as the proof of delivery software applications available from Field Metrix. These applications have a lot of benefits that your business can take advantage of to make your work more efficient.

Reduction of Paperwork

One great benefit of using a technological option for your proof of deliveries is that you are going to greatly cut down on your paperwork. Paperwork can easily get lost and damaged, misfiled, and can take a while to get transferred between offices, or brought in by employees. With proof of delivery software applications, the moment that delivery is made, proof of delivery can be transferred to the business’ servers immediately (if there is no connection available, it will be transferred the next time a connection is made). Not only does this reduction in paperwork benefit the business, but also the customers since they’ll receive proof of delivery immediately as well, so they can make claims if there is an issue.

Proof of delivery software applicationsImproved Customer Service and Reduction in Issues

Speaking on customer paperwork, a huge benefit to proof of delivery software applications is that customers’ experience with your company will be much better. No longer do they have to keep calling into your company to ask where a package is, when it was delivered, etc. You’ll be able to integrate a proof of delivery application to allow customers access to information about their package, including time and photo proof of delivery. This has a side benefit of less calls being routed into your system for simple checkups from customers.

Better Accuracy of Delivery Information

Logistics is important when you are delivering a product or service to customers, and accuracy of the information in your system is paramount to a good customer interaction. If you have someone calling in about a job or product delivery, and you are still waiting on your employee to return to file the paperwork, you’re not going to have accurate information for them immediately at hand. As well, sorting through paperwork to find a specific customer’s information can be time consuming, whereas having everything through an easy to use interface on proof of delivery software applications greatly cuts down on errors, and improved accuracy of data and delivery information available.

Improved Productivity

Lastly, another huge benefit for using proof of delivery software applications is the overall improved productivity for your employees and company as a whole. No longer do you need someone sorting through paperwork to properly file it, or have employees in the field fiddling around with paper and clipboards, etc. With easy to use proof of delivery software applications you can easily get rid of the paper, and have a system fully integrated into your business that handles safe storage of delivery information.

If you are looking to ditch the paper and upgrade your logistical systems to include proof of delivery software applications, then visit FieldMetrix website today and view their selection available.

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