Still relying
on paper?



It’s easy to replicate your current paper form with an electronic PDF customized to your requirements.

If you’d like us to show you what yours could look like, send us a copy of your job card and we’ll convert it.

You could switch to a paperless way of managing your field technicians and their equipment management?

Most of your field technicians are going to already be carrying around a smartphone withsome form with a data plan, so why not upgrade to FieldMetrix with mobile apps for field service and ditch the paper?

Dropping the paper means you can get updates to and from your field technicians in real-time, without having to do any paper filing, or bringing paperwork into the field office.

You can adjust field technicians’ time schedules and job objectives on the fly with electronic job cards to ensure your field technicians can easily adapt to changing situations.

Customisable forms

With field technician apps, you can have your employees working in the field, and updating their status with your systems as progress is made.

Through an electronic job card system, they can report to your system immediately when they get to the job site, and as they complete milestones or checklist components you’ll be kept up to date, all the way until they sign the job as completed.

With more complete records, you can ensure your interaction with clients can be as smooth and informative as possible.

Job card software is more than just helping your field technicians out in the field, though. Within your officers, warehouses, or deliveries, you can ensure that job cards are filled out with all the information needed and transmitted back to your home system as soon as they are done.

This means you can more easily keep track of stock on your shelves, or in your technicians’ vehicles so that you know when you need to order more supplies, or accurately know you have what a client wants before arriving to the job site. As well, your technicians can capture signatures on their Android phones, whether it is for proof of delivery, or proof of a job completed.

No matter the type of job you are doing, we can customize online job cards to your needs. These can include:


For clients and technicians to sign off on work completed and to prove that delivery was successful.

Keep track of exact locations where job cards were completed, or assets were scanned in.

To ensure all the details you need are kept track of with online job cards. Record what is useful.

An easy way to scan in assets and items and avoid improper input from typos.

Scan items used from van boot stock for repairs to accurately charge clients.

Easily take photo evidence with annotations of completed jobs, and condition of work done.

Don’t worry if your technicians lose a signal.

With our job cards software, you can still complete job cards and have them stored in the phone.

When a connection is available the data is automatically transferred to your company’s systems.

How does the job card software from  FieldMetrix work?

Step 1

You generate assignments on job cards and dispatch them out to your field technicians on their Android phones.

Step 2

Your field technicians complete the assignments on their job cards and fill out the cards using FieldMetrix on their Android phones.

Step 3

Once a job is completed, the job card is submitted and a pdf of the work is generated and emailed to management.

Who should use FieldMetrix?

FieldMetrix is ideal for field managers and logistical officers; those that want to keep up on the progress of their technicians and have proof of work completed or proof of deliveries.

With FieldMetrix you can accurately monitor work progress, track technician location, get real time updates, and have a full audit log for accountability.

As a field technician, you have access to real-time permits to work, maintenance job cards, inspection forms, and asset identification.
You and your clients get access to proof of service details through electronic signatures, barcode scans, photos and annotations, and mobile inventory management.

Field Managers

Enjoy peace of mind knowing who worked on what, where and exactly how long it took.

  • Monitor Work Progress
  • Track Technician Location
  • Real Time Updates
  • Full Audit Log for Accountability

Field Technicians

Go paperless, transition from a paper job cards to automatically generated PDFs

  • Real-time Permit to Work
  • Maintenance Job Cards
  • Inspection Forms
  • Asset Identification

Proof Of Service

Automatically email your clients with all proof of service details when jobs are completed.

  • Electronic Signatures
  • Barcode Scans
  • Photos & Annotations
  • Mobile Inventory Management

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CEO – Stowe

Thanks to FieldMetrix we have begun seeing our field service engineers becoming more efficient when they capture data at forecourts and have been able to increase the number and quality of visits per month. They have also reported on improved client satisfaction from the fuel companies we work with due to being able to use real-time information.

FieldMetrix has served over 2,388,467 job cards containing more than 3,473,178 GPS fixes
Total cost savings to our clients is approximately 156,072 days for their field technicians.

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