job cards

Convert your paper job card
into an electronic form.
No more lost paperwork!

Digital forms not only save the planet but they can revolutionize your business. We have the ability to take very complex forms and turn them into a digital format that your mobile task force can use to perform their daily operations with ease and efficiency.

With the myriad of paperwork businesses are expected to comply with, it can be challenging to keep track of each piece and difficult to retrieve daily documents when needed especially when responding to client enquiries.

Having everything digitized gives you that edge you need.

Our form blocks allow forms to be customised

  • barcode scanning
  • signature capture
  • photos and more.

What would you add to to your form?


 Unique account for each employee means jobs can be assigned to them personally or to them as a team.

Easily track who completed the electronic forms, create drop downs for easy and uniform input across your team where needed, allow customers to supply their signature digitally.

  Take advantage of our form building blocks to build forms that are unique to your business and fit your business perfectly. The blocks include child forms, digital signatures, photos, barcode scans and more.

RFID scanner app

Need flexability to capture an unknown number of data inputs?

Our child forms allow you to capture multiple items on one form.

Our digital forms designer enables us to build your digital form to capture all the data your engineers need to track during their site visit.

You receive a PDF copy of the electronic job card, which you can mail to your clients and attach on your CRM.

View a grid report via our web application, that shows you all the details that your engineers captured via the electronic job cards.

You can filter these grid reports and export the data to an Excel file for easy access and further processing.

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Need to build a workflow process in your forms?

We have a comprehensive set of rule based functions that enable you to design a workflow process for your engineers.

Based on your engineer’s input you can show and hide sections of the form to guide them along the fastest route to complete the form.

The ability to capture signature on most tablets and mobile devices is a mainstay of proving successful deliveries.
RFID scanner app

Logical flow

The structure of a good job card helps your staff complete it more quickly.

We can design your digital job card to capitalise on the familiarity your staff already has for your paper version.

Allocate tasks to staff while they are out in the field. Track their progress and respond to changes as they happen.

Work orders can be auto generated

If you need to alert your office staff of a problem in the field, add an auto response to your form based on input from your engineer that auto generates a work order request in the office.

The work order request lets your office staff know there a problem at a site that requires a service technician.

Easily convert this work order into a job card that is digitally sent to the technician allocated to respond to this request.

The ability to capture signature on most tablets and mobile devices is a mainstay of proving successful deliveries.
RFID scanner app

Report it

Use the information gathered to improve your planning, provide better proof of service to clients, and gain a clearer view of everything your technicians have been up to on a daily basis.

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