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Per User

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Replace paper forms with electronic documents

Emailed PFD Reports

Professional report design free of charge

All field actions GPS and date time stamped

Despatch assignments to workers

Result dashboard showing field progress

Ad Hoc Field Forms

Export reporting data to Excel

Mobile Inventory Management

End user Report Designer

API Integration

Online Report Storage


Partner at SilverStreet Capital

FieldMetrix was sufficiently customisable that it suited our unique needs. The system handled 1 million plus transactions in a harsh environment over a 6 week period with inexperienced operators!
How do you get started?

Transitioning your mobile work force to a paperless electronic solution will require us to have a quick 5 min chat about what aspects of your current work job card or process you would like to implement. We take your current paper job card or proof of service form and do a live demo showing how FieldMetrix will replace your paper forms.

To help us prepare please take a picture of your current paper job cards or forms and email them to

We will get the robots on it straight away!

How much time will I save using FieldMetrix?

Our clients save 2 or 3 days a month per technician using FieldMetrix. In addition you eliminate the “travel time” back to the office returning paperwork. And there’s no lost paperwork!

Need custom report formats for your business?

We tailor your mobile forms and the generated PDF reports to meet your exact business needs, completely replacing your paper-based form.

Best of all we design your first form free!

Is there a minimum contract?

There is no minimum contract, you can cancel at any time and you will not be billed in the month following your cancellation.

Do I need to be online to use FieldMetrix?

FieldMetrix supports offline use and your technicians can continue working when there is no signal. When connectivity is re-established the results will automatically sync in the background.

Does FieldMetrix work on Android tablets and phones?

Yes our Android application is designed to run on several different Android platforms. FieldMetrix does not run on Apple/iOS devices.

Email us at or call us at +27 (21) 608 5007

A 5 minute chat or a quick demo of how FieldMetrix works will establish how quickly we can empower your field service technicians today!