Proof of Delivery


Proof of a service or delivery can be more than just a signature capture. Barcode scanning and photo capture can also be a part of the quality service supply you offer.


Send jobs to your field employees for them to complete on their device.


Use your Android device to capture signatures, barcodes and pics.


Email your clients with proof of delivery when the job is complete.

Companies today are delivering more and more products, and relying on companies to manage, distribute and deliver those products to their customers. Customers, too, have new expectations when it comes to deliveries. Not just in timeframes but in how packages are delivered and received. And to handle all of these demands, companies need proof of delivery software applications that don’t just work, but change how they do business.

Enter FieldMetrix, one of the world’s most powerful and versatile field management systems. Our applications offers a robust suite of services, including proof of delivery software that can help your business meet the demands of customers and companies alike, all while adding new functionality and workflow efficiencies to your business.

Features You Need

FieldMetrix offers a robust set of features that can be customized to your company’s needs. We have three major features specifically for proof of delivery:

Signature Capture

At the heart of all proof of delivery software applications is signature capture. Considered the standard for delivery verification, signature capture must be simple for your field technicians, easy for customers and clients, and simple to retrieve and verify. FieldMetrix does all three all within our platform.

The ability to capture signature on most tablets and mobile devices is a mainstay of proving successful deliveries.
RFID scanner app

Barcode Scanning

If you want accurate and simple proof of delivery, it needs to be done with a barcode scanner. FieldMetrix’s platform lets you create a system for barcode entry that works with your existing infrastructure, and is easy enough that your field technicians can use it on the go with little more than a smartphone.

Photo Capture

Photographic proof of delivery is commonplace today. Everyone from food delivery services to package deliveries often snap a quick picture of the delivery for customers. It helps in complaint resolution and, more importantly, offers an added level of security for your customers and clients. FieldMetrix’s platform can help your field technicians take quick pictures of deliveries and upload them to a central server to be housed in your system. It makes retrieving the pictures easy and deliveries themselves much more secure

Photographs to prove delivery are a great way to show the location of the delivery by showing them on location at your clients premises.

What Else to Look for in Proof of Delivery Software Applications

 If you are looking for proof of delivery software applications, then you likely need a system that can address your issues, grow with your demands and help improve your business. That means you’ll need features beyond those of the proof of delivery alone.

 FieldMetrix has created a full suite of features that can change how your company does business, including:

 Android phone use: Our platform is fully functional with an Android phone. This means your team only needs their smartphone to start enjoying all of the benefits that FieldMetrix offers.

Offline Capture

Deliveries often go places that mobile data doesn’t. You need a system that can store any data captured offline and then sends it once a data connection is established again. FieldMetrix’s platform does this all automatically

Managed Services

Do you want the benefit of a fully managed application and platform without the need for your own IT team? FieldMetrix offers a fully managed platform so you can focus on what you do best.

Realtime Results

Once any piece of data is uploaded to the central system, you can access it instantly, and even get a report in a printable pdf that you can email and share as required

FieldMetrix is designed for companies to manage their deliveries, workflows and logistics, and to offer their customers a better workflow system. Our platform and proof of delivery software applications are both convenient and powerful, able to be used by your field technicians on an Android phone, and can revolutionize your proof of delivery system with new and interesting features. The benefits of proving your deliveries are numerous, find out more about them >

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