GPS Location


Proof of a service or delivery can be more than just a signature capture. GPS locations can also be a part of the delivering a quality service to remote customers.

Assign Jobs

Send jobs to your field employeess for them to complete on their device.

Location Capture

Record the location of customer machinery and staff service visits.

Report Record

Combine the location with customer reports and service histories.

Location Capture

The ability to capture a location helps with proof of delivery. Proof that your driver was on location at the right time.

RFID scanner app

Customer Assets

Recording the location of customer machinery is valuable data for planning maintenance schedules and service routes for travelling technicians.

Fully Hosted

FieldMetrix is a fully managed solution so you don’t have to worry about hiring any new IT staff.

Real Time Results

Results are available from our web based console providing immediate access to critical information.

Work Offline

Limited internet connectivity? No problem. Users can continue working even when there is no signal.

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