The Four Most Frequently Asked Questions About RFID

RFID is gaining a reputation of being the next big thing in warehouse and inventory management. As the world becomes increasingly connected and digital, it is the exact type of technology that can help businesses remain competitive and efficient. But what is RFID, what are its related services and devices, like an RFID scanner app, and how can they help businesses? Today, we go through the most commonly asked questions to help you learn more about the power of this technology.

1. What is RFID?

RFID, or “Radio Frequency Identification,” is a way of identifying objects without touching them and instead using radio waves. Through wireless scanning, using this technology and an RFID scanner app, you can gather data about an object through a simple scan. Everything including weight, contents, and more can be discovered with the right setup, and information can even be stored and deleted using the system.

RFID scanner app2. What Benefits Come with RFID?

RFID has two major advantages that can revolutionize warehousing and object location and distribution: efficiency and accuracy. Remote scanning, combined with a quality RFID scanner app, will let you organize your inventory faster and with less chance of human error. By storing the data remotely but keeping it always accessible, you can also fix discrepancies on the fly.

3. What are Smart Tags and What Do They Do?

“Smart tag” is a catch-all phrase that has actually been used in the industry long before the introduction of RFID. In fact, barcodes made even 20 years ago can be considered smart tags. The modern smart tag, however, takes the barcode one step further, housing more information and allowing for more data manipulation than a standard barcode. Smart tags, combined with a quality RFID scanner app, can house the history of an object and more, and all of this information can be accessed through a single scan.

4. Is RFID Secure?

This is one of the most common questions that we get asked by clients and customers. As cybersecurity becomes increasingly more important and complex, businesses don’t want to adopt a new technology if it opens them up to data theft or breaches. Thankfully, RFID is a secure system. Most RFID is not universal, meaning that someone with a scanner can’t simply scan an object and acquire all of its data. In fact, you would require the right device and RFID scanner app to do so because of heavy encryption protocols.

When it comes to the future of warehouse management, distribution, and inventory, there are few competitors like RFID technology. This new way of housing information and wirelessly accessing it has already made package tracking and inventory management much easier and far more accurate. If you are interested in tapping into the power of RFID, then FieldMetrix is here to help. We offer a number of RFID related products and services, from audits to a cutting-edge RFID scanner app. No matter your need, our team can work with you to ensure that your inventory is housed better and is better accessible. Contact us for more details.

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