RFID Scanner App

How Do RFID Scanners Work?

Stores and warehouses have their hands full keeping track of their inventory. When inventory is not carefully tracked, it is a slippery slope to miscommunications, disorganization, and potentially angry customers. So how can suppliers effectively manage their stock? RFID scanners are the go-to tool for suppliers everywhere, and with a modern RFID scanner app, keeping track of inventory has never been as straightforward as it is today.

What is RFID?

RFID stands for “radio-frequency identification.” Put simply, RFID scanners are used to digitally encode labels that can be read by a reader using radio waves. You can think of these encoded labels like barcodes, but with greater readability and accessibility. While barcodes require direct scanning, an RFID scanner can read an encoded label from up to 300 feet away. This allows for several items to be scanned quickly and effectively. These scanners are used to wirelessly transfer data by various professions. With the incorporation of RFID scanner apps, these tools give technicians complete control over their inventory and wares in one centralized location. RFID technology is an excellent way to keep track of inventory and create a digital record of various products, inspections, and forms.RFID Scanner App

Common Uses of RFID

RFID scanner apps have a wide range of applications. RFID technology can be found in passports, heart monitors, animal and pet tags, home appliances, airplane luggage, and various other objects that require location tracking. RFID scanners make an ideal addition to the workplace as well, and they are often used for digital signatures on inspection forms, inventory management, location tracking, and so much more. For businesses with tools that are used by various technicians, RFID technology is often implemented to keep track of hardware, and even to track when tools are up for maintenance or replacement. For items needing regular inspection, RFID scanners are an ideal companion to have by your side in the workplace.

The Perks of Using an RFID Scanner App

RFID scanners are incredibly convenient, and with an RFID scanner app, the technology becomes even more efficient. With an RFID scanner app, companies can check and monitor their inventory right from a smartphone. No more digging through warehouses and back and forth phone calls with crews on the ground. With RFID scanners and modern apps, staying on top of inventory is a breeze. RFID is completely contactless and allows for wireless, rapid information transfer.

Getting the Most From RFID Scanning Software

It is no secret that RFID scanners help improve organization and efficiency around the workplace, but companies must understand how the technology can be best utilized to ensure they are getting the most from it. With FieldMetrix, you can empower your field service technicians with a few quick clicks. Our RFID scanner app is designed to improve organization, efficiency, and self-sufficiency. Whether you are using RFID scanners to track inventory or to make sure every tool is where it needs to be, our app makes the semantics simple. Contact us today for a demonstration of how FieldMetrix can work for you.

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