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Mobile Field Service Apps – Taking Business to the Next Level

Is your business still using piles of paperwork to keep track of field work? Do you have staff spending hours inputting all the data, generating invoices, keeping track of inventory, and trying to figure out which field technicians are where? You can easily streamline all of this by embracing mobile apps for field service.

What do Mobile Apps for Field Service Do?

Mobile apps for field service take all of the paperwork that your field technicians carry around with them and put it on their mobile phones. These apps work easily using existing cellular data service. They are easily customisable to suit your business perfectly.

Many mobile apps for field service allow users to add signature fields, real-time GPS locations, complex forms, barcode capturing, boot stock, and even before and after photos. These apps are taking business to the next apps for field service

Save on Paper and Paperwork

With mobile apps for field service, your office staff no longer has to generate field paperwork. Your field technicians no longer have to pick up their day’s roster each morning or stop back at the office to pick up a rush job. Any paperwork needed can be updated in real-time, so your field technicians always have the most current information needed for every job.

Not only that, but as your field technicians complete jobs, the information is already digitized and automatically sent back to home office. There is no need for further data entry, stock updating, or invoicing. The mobile apps for field service do it all.

Field Technicians

Field technicians love working with mobile apps for field service. All of the information they need is at their fingertips. Each time they use a spare part and scan it into the app, the boot stock gets updated back at the home office. Any extra information about the job site or customer is easily organized within the app.

Field Managers

Mobile apps for field service simplify information for field managers and logistical officers. They can easily find out where each technician is located, how long they have been on the job, and they get real time updates for full accountability. When the job is done, the field manager can instantly review the completed job form.

Better Customer Service

Mobile apps for field service allow technicians to accurately record all parts used, as well as keep track of time spent on the job accurately, which means a more accurate invoice. They can even add before and after photos that can appear on the customer’s invoice. Companies that use mobile apps for field service report higher customer satisfaction.

Better Bottom Line

All of this means a better bottom line. Less time is spent on paperwork, parts inventories are kept up to date, and invoices are generated in real time. By using mobile apps for field service, productivity and profitability increase.

One of the best mobile apps for field service comes to us from FieldMetrix. Their fully customisable forms and many features are perfect for all kinds of field work. Contact us for more details.

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