Mobile Apps for Field Service

Why are More Companies Choosing Field Service Mobile App Technology Today?

For many industries, managing internal logistics can be a full-time job all on its own. Trying to keep your head wrapped around your material shipments and deliveries, site crew status, time cards from each project, inventory, in-transit staff locations…it can be very stressful and overwhelming. All of these factors are important to track, and thankfully technology in our industries is changing rapidly to accommodate this. The beauty of mobile apps is the ability to have customizable apps with functions that your company specifically requests. Mobile apps for field service turn your distress into success.

Mobile apps for field service

For their safety and to alert clients if a crew member is late due to traffic or other setbacks, mobile apps for field service offer a GPS tracking that can be run through the crew leader’s phone, a company tablet, or the crew vehicle. Being able to track your crew will make your hopeful statement to a client of “I’m sure they’re right around the corner!” into a declarative “I’m looking right at them, they’re around the corner, check your front window.”

Mobile Apps for Field ServiceThe GPS service can also be useful for determining how long your service takes. For companies who bill labor out by the hour this will help you keep an eye on time spent on site if the customer has a later complaint about the time spent on their work. That said, some mobile apps for field service companies can include forms such as timecards and bills submitted to the client so invoices can be produced and issued as soon as the service work is completed.

Manage inventory

Service industry vehicles often keep a stock of basic parts and materials for their jobs so they’ll have everything they need site. But holding inventory in every company vehicle and a standing inventory at the office can get expensive and difficult to track. Mobile apps for field service can include a function to scan material from a mobile device whenever it’s used so that you’ll know exactly how much inventory you have on hand. This will give you a much more accurate and real-time view of your inventory and you’ll know when to actually order more, instead of tying up capital by over-ordering stock or having to lose time on a job site while your team scrambles to find a specific item from local suppliers to finish the project.

Additional services on customizable mobile apps for field service

Some other functions that mobile apps can incorporate include photos of completed work or electronic signatures for delivered packages, or even more complex forms that are specific to your operation.

Taking the step to invest into a new way of managing your logistics is definitely a smart investment. In field service businesses, mobile apps are be time and cost-savers. Contact us for more information.

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