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What Field Technician Metrics Should you be Measuring?

You need to be able to keep track of many aspects of your business in order to ensure that you remain profitable, and that the right conditions to grow are being fostered. If your business is focused on service, with field technicians being sent out to job sites or locations to complete tasks, repairs, or to install something new, you need to be able to keep track of what they are doing. You need to have access to measurable metrics to ensure their effectiveness so you can either implement changes, introduce training, or possibly even expand your workforce to improve success rates and job completion rates. Field technician apps can help.

Using field technician apps, you can better manage your team without them having to deal with paperwork or constantly have to come back into the office to file everything, and with those apps you can also better measure these key metrics to ensure the success of your business.

First-Time Fix Rate

A very important metric to ensure that your field technicians are not wasting company time, and cutting drastically into profitability, is tracking the percentage of jobs completed the first time with field technician apps. A high first-time fix rate ensures your company is being represented well, that your field technicians are sufficiently trained to take on the tasks that they are expected to perform, and that your company isn’t wasting resources on sending out technicians multiple times to fix a problem that should be solved in one job task.Field technician apps

Contract Leakage

If your field technician apps are saying your technicians are taking longer than expected on their jobs, you may need to start investigating as to whether they are performing additional tasks beyond the scope of their assigned task. Contract leakage is when your technicians start doing additional tasks that are not within the original agreed upon contact (aka: doing extra work for free). If your company has contract leakage happening often, it can start to drastically affect your bottom line.

Service Revenue per Field Technician

Another important metric to be measuring about your field technicians with your field technician app is their service revenue per field technician. This will cover both the average amongst all your field technicians and your individual field technicians’ performances. This gives you information on when it is time to hire additional field technicians, and when some of your field technicians may be underperforming or need to be better managed.

Response Time

Many service companies pride themselves on fast responses when they are called for a job. Field technician apps allow your company to push new jobs out to your field technicians immediately, and the tracked metrics lets you know how fast they were able to get to the job site and start working. The faster your field technician’s response time, the more satisfied your customers will be with your promised services, especially with time sensitive companies.

Customer Satisfaction

Overall customer satisfaction with your field technicians is also an important metric you should be measuring with your field technician apps; a field technician that your customers are constantly unhappy with will result in bad reviews, lost customers, and lost revenue. Keeping track of your field technicians’ customer satisfaction rating will give you the opportunity to reward those technicians that do well and retrain (or drop) technicians that are hurting your company image.

If you are looking for field technician apps to better manage your field technicians in your services business, contact FieldMetrix today and let them show you how they can modernize your field technician management.

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