Tool tracking with FieldMetrix

Keeping track

Tool Metrix is an easy to use Android RFID application that allows you to track your tools.

Tools are expensive to replace and it is much easier to continually track them so you always know who last had them and when they were last seen.

With regular toolbox checks you can easily see which tool is missing and locate it while you are still at the job site.

  • Simply tag all your tools with an RFID tag, create your toolbox with its associated tools.

Use the mobile application to link the RFID tag with each tool and from then on a simple scan will reveal if all your tools are still present in the toolbox or if you have left one behind somewhere.

  • Do you have any expensive tools or inventory that will cost you a lot of money if it goes missing?
  • Do you manage teams of technicians that carry expensive tools around?
  • Do you hire out expensive equipment that has components that can be stolen or lost? Do you want to monitor inventory in a store room or delivery van?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions then Tool Metrix will benefit your organization because it is great for;

  • Use on the mines
  • Tracking components on fleets of vehicles
  • Tracking medical equipment
  • Tracking inventory in your store or warehouse
  • Tracking inventory in your van
  • Tracking tools in your toolbox

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