Shift Odometer Data Capture

Shift Odometer Data Capture

Capture start of day and end of day odometer reading.

Have simpler bookkeeping,  conserved capital and reduced expenses. Have a record of each car’s maintenance and repairs, both from an expense perspective and to protect your investment in the vehicle. Mileage reimbursement will a great perk for employees. Employees who are reimbursed for their mileage will be more willing to make business-related errands and employees will feel fairly compensated.

Make use of our easy to use Shift Log capture function which allows drivers to capture the following

  • The date
  • Your opening odometer reading (before you begin your drive)
  • Your closing odometer reading (upon reaching your destination)
  • The total number of kilometers traveled
  • The details of your journey (personal/ business)
  • The current cost of fuel
  • Any maintenance or repairs incurred

These logs are then sent in real time to the server and will be viewable via the FieldMetrix Web dashboard.

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