trip log

Job Cards and Trip Logs

Do you charge your clients for travel expenses?

It is important for your technicians to accurately record the trip details associated with each job if you charge clients for travel costs. An accurate audit trail of mileage will reassure clients when they review their bill. In addition technicians know they are being fairly reimbursed for business travel expenses.

Trip Log Details

fuel costs

Linking the technician’s job card with a Trip Log form has several advantages:

  • this is an easy way to track mileage for each site visit
  • you can differentiate between private and business mileage
  • record fuel costs, repair costs and parking costs
  • this information can be added to client reports for billing and organised record keeping

In addition the technician can add a note to explaining the reason for a trip, for example making trips to pick up parts etc.

Trip Log Reports

It is easy to calculate the travel total per client or per site visit with accurate trip information. As an added convenience, technicians can request a consolidated list of their trip details from our mobile application or view them on the web. This makes it is easy for a technician to request a history of trip details for their own record keeping.

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