Losing important paperwork?

Do you need accurate
proof of service
for billing?


  • Electronic Signatures
  • Barcode Scans
  • GPS Locations
  • Photos with annotations
  • Task Start and Finish times
  • Inspection Checklists
  • Inventory Used

Examples of Forms

If you specialize in maintaining and servicing equipment for your clients, then this is the app for you. Our digital forms allow you to easily and safely complete your Preventative Maintenance, Health Checks, Incident Resolution job cards and more! and instantly receive PDF job copies of these via email.

Need to track your deliveries and get customer signatures?

  • Our easy to use delivery forms ensure all deliveries are recorded
  • Even get an electronic customer signature as proof.
  • Delivery notes are emailed to you right away
Do your employees work in potentially hazardous environments? If so you would be required to use a Permit to Work document. These documents help to minimise the risks to your employees and customers. Use our web application to send specific Permits to your field agents with SLA times attached, or let them use the adhoc forms already on our FieldMetrix mobile application to complete if they need one in a hurry.
Searching for a quick and easy way to track your inventory out in the field? Use our Android application to record the items you deliver to your customers and get your customer's signature as proof for easy invoicing! Plus, access our web application 24/7 from anywhere to peruse or retrieve all delivery details from your field agents.
Site Inspections are so simple to do with our electronic job cards. House an electronic copy of all your job cards and maintenance checklists directly on your Android phone or tablet for instant availability. No more lost paperwork! All completed documents can be accessed through our web application and you will also receive a PDF copy of each one via email.
Finding it difficult to manage all your employee odometer readings and daily shift times for payroll? Why not use FieldMetrix's employee shift logs application. Enable each field agent to save their trip details directly into our mobile application which runs on their Android phone or tablet. Employee logs can be retrieved directly on our web application.
No more labouring to get your sales reports in on time. Replace your paper Sales reports with one of our electronic ones! Reduce your admin by more than 35%. All data is securely saved in our centralized server. Access all your records immediately via our web application.
Create your asset register with our flexible and easy-to-use asset inventory application or use it to record the condition of known assets. Flexible tree structure, and customisable features, makes doing assessments a breeze.

14 day free trial, no credit card required

As soon as your field employees complete a job your dashboard is updated with their progress and you receive a PDF of the results in real time. Get rid of your paper forms now...