Losing important paperwork?

Do you need accurate
proof of service
for billing?


Are misplaced job cards resulting in lost revenue because you can't charge for the work?
Enjoy peace of mind knowing who worked on what, where and exactly how long it took.

Decision Making

Real-time access to job status and information for senior management means more effective decision making.

Proven Reliability

FieldMetrix has undergone thousands of hours of real life in the field by clients all over the globe.

Rapid Deployment

FieldMetrix is customizable and flexible; we can create a solution for your specific business needs in days.


There are no costly development projects, no minimum contract and no servers to manage and no cancellation fees.

14 day free trial, no credit card required

As soon as your field employees complete a job your dashboard is updated with their progress and you receive a PDF of the results in real time. Get rid of your paper forms now...