FieldMetrix software allows companies to manage and monitor the progress of their field technicians.

Step 1

FieldMetrix generates work assignments which are sent despatched to engineers in the field.

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Step 2

The field engineer completes the assigned work using FieldMetrix on their Android device.

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Step 3

On completion a PDF report of all work is automatically generated and emailed to management.

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As a result there is no more “lost” paperwork and you have real-time visibility into each engineer's location and progress.


Decision Making

Real-time access to job status and information for senior management means more effective decision making.

Proven Reliability

FieldMetrix has undergone thousands of hours of real life in the field by clients all over the globe.

Rapid Deployment

FieldMetrix is customizable and flexible; we can create a solution for your specific business needs in days.


There are no costly development projects, no minimum contract and no servers to manage and no cancellation fees.

Cloud Solution

FieldMetrix is a fully managed and hosted solution so you don’t have to worry about hiring any new IT staff. Your business can begin the transition to paperless efficiency without having to hire a team of programmers.

Real-time Monitoring

Results captured from handheld devices are available in near real-time from our web dashboard providing immediate access to critical information and full visibility into the status of jobs in the field.

Store & Forward

Intermittent connectivity? No problem. Users can continue working even when there is no signal. When connectivity is re-established the results will automatically sync in the background.

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A 5 minute chat or a quick demo of how FieldMetrix works will establish how quickly we can empower your field service technicians.