Frequently Asked Questions

Yes FieldMetrix for Android allows you to capture all your job card details on your mobile phone or tablet. It sends you a pdf version of your paper job card with all the details that you just captured on it.
Yes our Android application allows you to capture signatures using your Smartphone or Android tablet.
Yes FieldMetrix provides you with an online dashboard that allows you to see what your technicians have been working on and how much progress they have made on each work assignment.
Yes, FieldMetrix provides you with an online wizard that enables you to log the call information and job card details and send it in real time to your technician out in the field.
Yes, FieldMetrix allows you to scan barcodes directly into your electronic forms providing accurate records of barcoded items worked with in the field.
Yes, FieldMetrix is able to support multiple electronic forms and provide them for either immediate adhoc use, or for sending to a technician via our call logging wizard.
Yes it can. Many of our clients make use of photos to record visits to client sites, showing damaged or repaired equipment, parts replaced or worked on etc. These images are included in either a separate form or any of your electronic forms, depending on your business requirements.
It depends on how big your electronic job cards or maintenance worksheets are. Our data is compressed going from our server to your mobile device, as well as from your mobile device to our server. This makes the data packets small and keeps costs low.
Yes our Android application is designed to run on several different Android platforms.
Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
Virtually any number as each driver’s activity is reflected on our dashboard.
Yes, each time the technician accepts a work request or starts or completes it, a gps time stamp is taken of this action and returned to our server in real time. This information is available on our dashboard in real time for you to view.
Yes, our online dashboard allows you users to be grouped by region making it easier to manage.
Yes, we just require one month’s notice.
Yes that is our specialty. Customized pdfs are created for a once off development fee that provides you with an electronic version of your paper-based forms. Thereafter you will be able to receive electronic versions of your job cards and paper-based forms with real-time information. This makes for easier and faster billing cycles.
An unlimited number, depending on the capacity of your Android device.

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